KOLABLE believes that you deserve to get paid for the content you create

Therefore, we take actions

Our story

We have been committed to promoting content monetization solutions since 2012. Since 2019, we have launched SaaS service to reduce the development cost of the system. By supporting various communication methods, we assist individuals or institutions in the process of branding their knowledge content, so that content producers can have full control of their audience and revenue.

What we have achieved

An all-in-one knowledge business solution for content creators

Our products aggregate a variety of content monetization, user management, brand communication, operational interaction, and community marketing tools.

Oriented to content entrepreneur, paid content, online education, online publishing, online training, corporate internal training, etc.

Tailor to different industries, we provide diversified technical solutions to help customers achieve content management, user operations and business monetization cycles.

Experienced and Professional

We have built 300+ features, worked on 50+ branding projects.
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